Music for Pianos
Music for Pianos Guide to Instant Digital Downloads

Here's what should happen when you have paid for your purchase using PayPal.

PayPal confirm Receipt For Your Payment To Music for Pianos to your Email Inbox.

Music for Pianos confirm only details  of your order to your Email Inbox.

 1).    Music Store page headed "YOUR ORDER HAS BEEN PROCESSED! "Download your Products here:-"

2).    Click  "Download your products here":  Immediately a Song Title Icon appears in the bottom left hand corner of your   
         computer screen.  Watch carefully, downloading MIDI files is very fast and is easily missed.

3).   TO DOWNLOAD The Tune right click Song Title Icon and Select Option "Show In Folder"
        Usually the downloaded file will be sent to a folder named Downloads in your filing system.

4).   TO LISTEN to The Tune right click the Song Title Icon and Select Option "Open" 

5).   TO DOWNLOAD your products at a later time Log In to "MY ACCOUNT" in top left hand corner of screen. -----> 
         Page headed  "MY ACCOUNT INFORMATION" click "View the Orders I Have Made"  -----> 
         Page Headed  "MY ORDER HISTORY" click "View" to select any ordered tune  -----> 
    Page Headed "ORDER INFORMATION".  Your remaining downloads are shown at the bottom of the page.

6)    Contact Webmaster if download issues occur.

7)    Any unsuccessful downloads will be sent attached to an Email. 
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