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Almost Like Being In Love
Lerner and Lowe
Piano Jazz Trio by Eric Halstead
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The Easy Keyboard Library: The FortiesLerner & Loewe Songbook for Orchestra
Autumn Leaves
Prevert, Mercer and Kosma
Piano Roll played by Max Kortlander
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Jacques Prevert: Autumn Leaves (Les Feuilles Mortes)Autumn Leaves: The Songs of Johnny Mercer
Dance Ballerina Dance
Russell and Sigman
Piano Jazz Trio by Eric Halstead
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Dance Ballerina DanceMarvellous
Down in the Glen
Gordon and Conner
Piano Jazz Trio by Eric Halstead
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A Song Of ScotlandHear My Song, Violetta: Original Recordings 1947-1950
Je vous Aime
Sam Coslow
Piano Roll played by Adam Carroll
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My Secret Heart - Songs of Parlour, Stage and Screen
Ma Bella Marguerita (from Bless the Bride)
Vivian Ellis
Recorded by Eric Halstead
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The Best Jazz Standards Ever (Easy Piano Songbook)Bless the Bride (Original London Cast)
Near You
Goell and Craig
Piano Jazz Trio by Eric Halstead
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Songs Of The 40'sClassic Sinatra II
Osvaldo Farres 
Piano Roll by J.L. Cook as Walter Redding
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Best Latin Songs EverRomance: Songs From the Heart
Tenderly 1947
Lawrence and Goss
Piano Roll
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 The Stars Will Remember
Don Pelosi
Piano Roll
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The Stars Will Remember, So Will IThe Stars Will Remember / Ballerina

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Popular Music MP3 Collection   (1947)  Playing Time 31mins

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Essential Songs - Jazz Standards (Piano/Vocal/Guitar Songbook)1947 Popular Music 

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